Cyber Security Training

Cyber security defense mechanisms have been improving, however, and meanwhile, the attackers have been developing new methods too. Therefore, the cyber security trainings become the key element for forming effective cyber security defense. As a QRSEC, we have formed training modules for all levels, simple to understand, and more importantly, it provides a high rate of knowledge.

The introduction of the Cyber Security

Help you understand penetration testing methodology, cyber security terminology and the system of QRSEC training modules.

Information Gathering

Information gathering is the first and the critical step because this part is a pre-attack stage to understand the target system and additionally maximum efforts are deployed to provide that the operations conducted are executed under stealth and the target cannot trace back you.

Web Application Hacking

This module focuses on preparing to face the real world of web app hacking including common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS, WordPress hacking and so on.

Network Knowledge and Hacking

This module includes network knowledge fundamental and forming of the right network-based attack for the target.

Social Engineering Methods

It is the art of manipulating people so you will find detailed data about social engineering including confidential information, which includes many unique methods.

Bug Bounty Methodology

The "bug bounty" is a deal offered by companies by which ethical hackers can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, particularly those pertaining to vulnerabilities or exploit writing. In this module, you will find a comprehensive bug bounty methodology.

Career Researching

Cyber security is an attractive career for curious, ambitious people and has many subjects. This module gives a comprehensive description of all cyber security subjects and career path options.

Cyber Security Certifications

Cyber security employees with security certifications tend to have significantly higher average salaries and you will find the best proper certification for your professional area and career path in this module.